At Bexton we believe in involving teachers, support staff, pupils and parents in our assessment process. We strive to achieve a continuous loop of information between all involved.

How do we assess at Bexton?

There are two types of assessment used at Bexton; formative and summative.

Formative assessment is the most frequent type of assessment used; teachers and teaching assistants use opportunities to understand what children know about a subject. Teachers will use class discussions, group work, evidence in children’s books, and observations to assess the progress  that children are making over time.

Summative assessment is less frequent - this is the use of tests or more formal assessments to find out what children have learnt. At Bexton there is one week per term where the children will be assessed using formal assessments.

Teachers use a range of assessments, both formative and summative to make a judgement about a child’s attainment at the end of a term. This information is then stored in our tracking software and used to monitor attainment and progress across the school.

Assessment Materials

To make sure that teachers are making accurate assessments, we are working with other Knutsford schools, developing a Knutsford-wide assessment system. Every child is now assessed in reading, writing and maths using a clear criteria. Progression over the school is broken into ‘stages’ from 1 to 6. Each stage is also broken into ‘commencing, developing, secure, advanced and deep.

  • If a child is working at ‘commencing or developing’ at the end of the academic year then they are working towards national expectations and will continue on that curriculum stage in the next academic year until they are classed as ‘secure’.
  • If a child is working at a ‘secure’ level by the end of the acadermic year then they are meeting national expectations and are ready to move onto the next year's curriculum stage.
  • If a child is working at ‘advanced or deep’ at the end of the academic year then they also are ready to move onto the next year's curriculum stage, but we will broaden the depth of their understanding with challenging activities.

The assessment materials for your child can be found in their English and Maths books at school. These are available for parents to view at Parents Evenings and Open Afternoons.

Please see links below to view the assessment materials. KS1 test information KS2 test information


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