Year 4 2018 - 2019

Mr Wyatt

Miss Hossack

Last Term, 4TW and 4SMDV learnt all about the Vikings planning, designing and evaluating a Viking Shield on Grandparents' Day, creating a Viking Warrior sketch, making a Viking stew and writing Kennings all about Fire and Ice. 


‘‘Twas a perishingly cold day as the Year 4 Cunetesford Villagers journeyed to see Lord Tata of Tata’s Tun. On Arrival and before Lord Tata’s Villagers would allow the tired and hungry Year 4s access, the villagers had to undergo a series of tests! Before being allowed refuge from the attacking Vikings, the Cunetesford Villagers had to prove they could defend and fight for Lord Tata, grind wheat and make bread, know how to hunt and use all parts of Roe and Red Deer that roamed the Tata's Tun and finally, they had to be able to weave and make bracelets for Lord Tata to trade at market. Only when they had passed these tests where the exhausted and desperate Yr 4 Villagers of Cunetesford allowed entry into the Great Hall to warm themselves by the fire and listen to tales of Lord Tata. Relieved, the Y4 Cunetesford Villagers welcomed the shelter and safety of the Great Hall and Lord Tata‘s kinsmen.


What an AMAZING opportunity. The children had a morning full of reflection. Experiencing an aspect of the life of a pupil studying at the Brainhouse Academy by walking a mile to and from school, eating rice and beans, and making toys out of recyclable materials.

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