Wider Curriculum

Teachers will make long term plans to decide how to cover the National Curriculum over the academic year and then will break the long term plan into shorter half-termly plans. Teachers will 'block' subjects over half term, e.g. geography will be taught one half term but not the next. The reason for this is to ensure enough time and space within the curriculum to allow children to master aspects of the curriculum. To 'master' is to learn curriculum content so that it isn't easily forgotten or can be applied in different settings.

English and mathematics are taught every day. Children have two physical education lessons a week, one indoors and one outdoors. There will be a science and PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) lesson every week. All other subjects are blocked and rotated over half-terms.

Please see our 'Ethical Enterprise' page to see how we make the Bexton curriculum relevant to our children's needs.