Useful website links to support learning/ homework

Over the next two weeks there will be no formal homework set. Please continue to read every night with your child and write in their diary. Older children should be doing this for themselves, but younger children need more support.

If wish to do a little more with your child over the Christmas break here are a few ideas:

  • Encourage your child to keep a diary. Children who keep a diary are twice as likely to reach the expected standard in writing. Read this article for more details:
  • Help your child to write thank you letters. Remind them how to lay out a letter. If they are older discuss if they are using formal or informal language in the letter
  • Play spelling games with the spellings from this half term. There are spelling games on this page:
  • Practice the key maths skills for next half term. Use the resource on this page:
  • There are lots of activty ideas on this page:

A good tip is to keep doing small amounts, even five minutes a day, to keep a little routine in your child's day. Whatever you decide to do, we hope you, your child and your family have a wonderful Christmas break and look forward to seeing everyone on Monday 9th January.

Below are a list of useful websites that can help support your child's learning at home

Maths (suitable for


We hope you find these websites useful in supporting your child's learning at home.