Staff 2019-2020


Mrs Armstrong - Head Teacher



Mrs Sach - Deputy Head

Reception - Mrs Parker (Early Years Manager) and Mrs Smart



Reception - Mrs Traynor and Mrs Plant



Year 1 - Miss Wrench



Year 1 - Miss Chadwick (KS1 Co-Ordinator)

Mrs Ledwith



Year 2 - Mrs Knight and Mrs Brand



Year 2 - Mrs Day and Miss Aldridge




Year 3- Mrs Allen



Year 3 - Mrs Bland and Mrs Vale



Year 4 - Mr Evans


Year 4 - Mr Walsh



Year 4 - Miss Goddard



Year 5 - Mrs Stephenson



Year 5 - Mr Wyatt


Year 6 - Mrs Butler KS2 Co-Ordinator




Year 6 - Mrs Lasham




Mrs Howard - Nursery Teacher


Mrs Aitken (SENCO)

Mrs Aitken joined us in May 2018 bringing with her a wealth of knowledge and experience of working with special needs children in the primary school sector. 

Teaching Assistants

Wendy Snook  (HLTA & Pastoral Support)

Reception- Miss Boxford, Miss Fronte,Mrs Braisby,Miss Church, Mrs Merron, Mrs Sarikya

Year 1- Mrs Hyland, Miss Ruff

Year 2- Mrs Fletcher

Year 3 -  Mrs Malaspina

Year 4- Mrs Bentley

Year 5 - Mrs Joyce, Mrs Wright and Miss Jackson

Year 6 - Mrs Burhouse and Miss Robinson

Nursery Staff

Louise Barker - Nursery Manager

Gill Downes - Room Supervisor

Sharon Williams - Room Supervisor

Helen Allen
Debbie Donaldson
Suzie Eaton
Katrina Kemshead
Nikki Mitchell
Victoria Ollerton
Jane Perry
Lesley Sarikaya
Joann Sawyer
Jill Young

Office Staff

Helen Taylor - School Business Manager

Georgina Blake - Clerk to Governors

Viv Graham - Admin Assistant

Helen Morgan - Admin Assistant

Natalie Normanton - Admin Assistant

Wraparound Care Staff (Nursery and Dawn2Dusk)

Tracy Jackson - Dawn2Dusk Manager

Lorraine Bashford

Bethany Fletcher

Hannah Lynes

Saskia Davies

Lunchtime Supervisors

Nicola Fletcher - Supervisor

Sarah Drinkwater
Pip Evans
Monica Harris
Deborah Jones
Heather Kenyon
Jo Merron
Sarah Murphy
Jo Scott 
Julie Whelan
Karen Wakeford
Katherine Wilson

Premises Staff

Jon McVicker

Wayne Howman

Kitchen Staff

Sue Tait - Catering Supervisor

Karen Wain
Lorraine Bashford
Catriona Coates
Nicola Booth
Judith Edwards