Friends of Bexton School (FOBs)

Friends of Bexton School (F.O.B.S)

All parents of children who attend Bexton Primary School are already members of F.O.B.S and are welcome to join us to just one or all of our committee meetings. We meet up to six times a year in the evenings, and the meetings are very informal and relaxed. 

Our main objective is to provide a variety of social events for the whole family, special events for the children, and adult only occasions. We hope that by children and parents having the opportunity to take part in fun, family events they feel a part of the 'Bexton family',  

Our focus for 2016 / 17 was to raise funds to develop the school grounds further by providing a walkway and play area through some of the woodland areas.  This has made a massive impact by providing children with activities during play times, and enabling the school to provide further outdoor learning opportunities throughout the curriculum.

Our focus for 2017/18 was to raise funds to purchase new ICT equipment to enhance lessons for all children. We have now purchased 30 new iPads and new electronic whiteboards in Years 2 and 3 and a smart screen for the pre-school.

Our focus for 2018/19 was to raise funds to enhance the outdoor grounds with interactive equipment to develop and enhance the children's play.

Due to Covid-19 there are no upcoming events. We are working with the committee to look at ways to continue to fundraise in a covid secure way until restrictions are lifted,

Recent Events:

Event Profit Month
Dad's curry night £120 October 2019
Autumn disco £1099.89 October 2019
Christmas Fair £2751.95 November 2019
Dad's curry night £105 December 2019
Total profit £4076.84  





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