At Bexton Primary School we encourage children to be 'independent learners' so that they have effective learning skills that help them to make excellent progress. The principles of these learning behaviours are built on developing a 'growth mindset' in children and were developed in partnership with the children. A growth mindset (Dweck 2000) has become an accessible concept for the way learners need to feel about themselves and their abilities to be successful learners. The key Bexton learning behaviours are:

-Never giving up

This can mean working hard, practising lots, keeping going when you are struggling, trying new strategies, asking for help,

-Helping others

This can mean listening to others, saying when you don't understand, being kind when you disagree, explaining things to others, being tolerant of others

-Enjoying learning

This can mean feeling proud of your achievements, feel your neurons connecting, imagining your intelligence growing, using what you have learnt in real life, knowing that you can do it if you have the input and you practice, get into the 'flow' and being absorbed in learning

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