Governing Board and Committee Membership, Link Governors and meeting dates 2016-7

Bexton Board of Governors


Useful information Summer Term 2017





  1. Constitution of governing board
  2. List of governors with categories and terms of office
  3. Link governors and special responsibilities
  4. Chair and vice chair of governing board
  5. Membership of committees
  6. Meeting dates 2016-7


  1. Constitution

The instrument of government states that Bexton Governing Board consists of 15 governors as follows:


  • 5 parent governors
  • Headteacher governor
  • 1 staff governor
  • 1 LA governor
  • 7 co-opted governors


2. List of governors with category and term of office


Headteacher governor

  • Emily Armstrong (Headteacher)


LA governor

  • Peter Woodhouse (23.3.20)


Staff governor

  • Sandra Bland (23.01.19)


Parent governors

  • James Routs (23.01.19)
  • Jon Webb (23.5.20)
  • Lucy Goldsmith (23.5.20)
  • Kathryn Woolf (28.10.17)
  • Matt Stephenson (15.03.21)


Co-opted governors

  • Mike Braun (19.3.18)
  • John Squires (30.10.17)
  • Sarah Draper (30.10.17)
  • Catherine Hulme (30.10.17)
  • Jim Lovett (30.10.17)
  • Charlotte Davies (21.11.20)
  • Peter Kingdom (6.7.20)


Associate members

  • Jill Sach (deputy headteacher)


3. Link governors and special responsibilities


  • Governor training and liaison- Kathryn Woolf
  • English – Sarah Draper. Lead teacher is Amy Day
  • SDP consistency – Lucy Goldsmith. Lead teacher is Jill Sach
  • Vision – Catherine Hulme
  • Maths – Kathryn Woolf. Lead teacher is Mrs Lasham
  • Ethical Enterprise – Charlotte Davies. Lead teacher is Caroline Butler.
  • SDP focus (Mastery and deeper understanding) –Peter Kingdom.
  • SEND – Catherine Hulme, lead teacher is Andrea Phelps- Brown.
  • Assessment and data – Catherine Hulme. Lead teacher is Jill Sach. Assistant Link Governor for Assessment is Charlotte Davies. 
  • Safeguarding – Sarah Draper. Lead teacher is Emily Armstrong.
  • EYFS including nursery– Charlotte Davies. Lead teacher is Katie Parker.
  • Health and Safety – John Squires
  • PE- Jon Webb. Lead teacher is Jenny Hossack.
  • Marketing- James Routs



4. Chair of governing board: Peter Woodhouse (until March 23 2018)

Vice chair of governing board: Catherine Hulme (until 6 July 2018)




5. Membership of committees


Resources: Peter Woodhouse, Emily Armstrong, Jim Lovett (chair), Mike Braun (vice chair), James Routs, John Squires, Sandra Bland, Jill Sach, Matt Stephenson.


Curriculum: Peter Woodhouse, Emily Armstrong, Charlotte Davies (chair), Catherine Hulme, Kathryn Woolf, Sarah Draper (vice chair), Lucy Goldsmith, Peter Kingdom, Jon Webb, Jill Sach (associate member)


Nursery: Catherine Hulme, Emily Armstrong (chair), John Squires, Mike Braun, Louise Barker (Pre-school/ Nursery manager), Andy Lynes, Julie Griffiths (School Business Manager), Matt Stephenson.


Headteacher Performance Management Panel: Peter Woodhouse, Catherine Hulme, Kathryn Woolf








6. Meeting dates 2016-7

n.b. All meetings on a Wednesday at 6pm unless otherwise stated


Autumn Term 2016

28 September 2016 Curriculum Committee

12 October Resources Committee

9 November Full Governing Board (FGB)


Spring Term 2017

1 February Curriculum Committee

8 March 5pm Extraordinary FGB

8 March 6pm Resources Committee

Wednesday 22 March FGB


Summer Term 2017

26 April Curriculum Committee

24 May Resources Committee

21 June Full Governing Board