Settling into school


Q – What is the buddy system and how does it work?

A – The buddy system is comprised of our year 6 children, who have been chosen to act as a support for our new children in September.  We allocate one buddy to each child, taking into account personalities.  The year 6 children will walk their buddy to assemblies, stand up on stage with them when they receive star of the week and when it is their birthday.  They will also be around at playtimes to check if their buddy is ok and to play with them.

Q- What is the behaviour system in Reception?  What is the cloud?

A – We have a ‘cloud’ behaviour system in Reception.  The children each have a hot air balloon with their name on which ‘fly’ around the sun.  If your child misbehaves they will be asked to move their balloon onto a ‘cloud’ – the first cloud is a warning cloud.  If they continue to misbehave they move along onto a ‘time out’ rain cloud where they have to sit in a quiet area and think about their behaviour.  If the poor behaviour continues they will go onto the ‘lightning’ cloud which means they miss their playtime.  Finally, if poor behaviour continues after this, they will be taken to see Mrs Armstrong.  The children’s balloon will be moved back to the sun the following day.

Q – Are we informed if a child misbehaves?

A- If your child very occasionally misbehaves in a minor way, you will not be notifies.  However, if your child continually misbehaves, or the incident is more serious, you will be notified by the class teacher.

Q- What do I label?

A – Everything!!  Children frequently forget where they have put their coat, bag, jumper etc – if they are names we can return them quickly to the correct owner.  Please label all of their PE kit, including pumps.  It is even helpful to label socks and underwear!

Q- If I need to speak to a teacher in private, when is the best time?

A - At the end, rather than the start of the school day.  You can also ring school to try to arrange an appointment at a mutually convenient time.

Q – When do children have fruit in school?

A- They have a free piece of fruit in the morning.  If your child is a little bit fussy, you can send in a healthy snack.

Q – What are the children allowed to drink in school?

A – As we are a healthy school we ask that the children fill their water bottles with water only, no fizzy drinks or juice.

Q- Packed lunches – are there any restrictions in place (i.e. chocolate/crisps)?

A – It is not for us to dictate what you would choose to give your children for lunch.  However, as we are a healthy school, we would encourage you choose healthy items for your child’s lunch.  In the interests of health and safety we do not allow glass bottles or tins.  We are a nut free school as we have children in school with severe nut allergies; therefore please DO NOT INCLUDE NUT-BASED products.

Q – Will staff remind children to go to the toilet?

A – Yes.  The children in Foundation stage are encouraged to go to the toilet at break and lunch times and before assemblies.  They are also allowed to go to the toilet during lesson time.

Q – Does anyone check if food is actually eaten?

A – Yes.  Lunch time supervisors do monitor whether school meals have been eaten.  They also encourage children to eat as much of their meal as possible and to eat their main course before their pudding!  They will make the class teacher aware if they have any concerns.

Q- If parents want to help out at school, what do they have to do?

A – Reception love to have parent helpers in school; however we normally allow this after the first half term, once the children are fully settled in school.  If you would like to help out on a regular basis, please contact the office who will advise whether you will require a DBS clearance and will guide you through the DBS process, if necessary.  However, if you are only available to help occasionally, it is not necessary to have a DBS clearance.  Any parent volunteering would work under the direction and supervision of the class teacher. 

Q – Do I need to provide spare underwear in case my child has an accident at school?

A – We do have some spare clothes and underwear in school; however it may be beneficial for your child to have a spare pair of underwear and socks/tights in their PE bag.

Q- Do I need to notify someone if my child is being picked up by someone else or going to a friend’s house?

A – Yes.  Please inform your child’s teacher in the morning at drop off if they are being picked up by another person/parent.  Alternatively, please inform the office and they can let the teacher know.  Please do not write important messages in the diary as these are not checked on a daily basis.

Q – How will I know how my child is doing in class?

A – We have parent evenings in October and March, and a written report is sent home in July.  If a teacher is concerned about your child, they will ask you to come in for a chat.  Alternatively, we have an open door policy; therefore if you have any concerns or worries, please arrange to meet with the class teacher at a convenient time.  Tapestry is also a great way to see what your child has been doing at school.



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