Ethical Enterprise


There are two main elements of our curriculum; the statutory curriculum and the personalised curriculum unique to Bexton, delivered through our ‘Ethical Enterprise Initiative’, which merge to form one cohesive dynamic learning experience for our children.

Ethical Enterprise has the potential to inspire, motivate and include our pupils on their educational journey. Enterprise Education can help young people develop the transferable skills, the creativity and innovation, the risk taking, determination and drive that will equip them to be successful in the global economy of the twenty first century. We want to use it to enhance the values and whole school ethos, so that the children work towards common goals that they have explored in depth within the curriculum.

To facilitate this, three very different charities, which reflect global, national and local concerns, are carefully selected each year for the children to both learn about and support.

Our house point system has also been revamped to reflect this ethos and every house point a child earns also has a small monetary value. This enables us to make a significant contribution to the charities we are supporting- a tangible result of the work we are doing with the children. We want the Bexton mission statement of ‘Together we can make a difference’ to be one the children live on a daily basis.

We were inspected by Ofsted in February 2018 and they said ‘Leaders and staff have planned the curriculum thoroughly. Known by all as theEthical Enterprise’ curriculum, subjects inspire pupils and offer them rich learning experiences that enhance academic progress as well as promoting personal development extremely well’ and ‘Pupils like the way teachers’ link learning in different subjects together in topic work. Each term’s topic is firmly linked to a charity chosen by the pupils. Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding is developed well through what the school calls its ‘Ethical Enterprise’ curriculum. As well as raising funds, pupils learn about the challenges facing children living in other communities in this country and around the world. Currently, pupils are supporting a national charity to raise funds for children with disabilities. Last year, one of the charities chosen by the pupils supported Retrak which, among other things, helps children in Africa who have to walk long distances to get to school.

How does Ethical Enterprise Education raise money for the charities?

At the end of every term the house points are counted to find out how much has been raised for the current charity. The money we present to the charities is raised through a variety of enterprising activities that contribute to one charity fund. So far activities have included sponsored walks, making products for the Christmas & Summer Fairs, cake sales, dress-down days, a Penny Arcade day (where children designed penny games out of cardboard) and our school choir recording a CD with the help of Knutsford Academy and selling it in concerts in and out of school.

The charities that we are fund raising for have worked closely with us here at Bexton and are helping us to show our children how we can all positively contribute to the lives of others in our local, national and global community.

Ethical Enterprise Charities for 2020-21

This year we are focusing on NHS Charities Together, the Captain Tom Foundation and Cool Earth.

In the autumn term we led a project called 'Thank You NHS' where we learnt about the many different roles in the NHS and some of our parents who work for the NHS, shared information about their roles. The children used this information to reflect on how they spent their time during the first lockdown and what people in the NHS were doing to help them,

In the spring term we learnt about Captain Sir Tom Moore and the many adventures he had during his life. This led us to think about other role models in our lives and who we look up to. On the last day of term all the children look part in a sponsored walk/ run where they managed to complete (altogether) over 3000 laps of our trim trail. 

Ethical Enterprise Charities for 2019-20

Age UK Cheshire East: This charity is a local, independent charity, providing a number of bespoke services which support people in later life, with a key focus on loneliness and dementia. Their mission is to empower older people to live more independent lives and highlight the challenges they face and to promote a positive perception of ageing.

During this project the children took part in an art competition where they drew a picture of an older person who means a lot to them. They also learnt about how older people are perceived in countries such as Japan and India as part of the United Nations International Older Persons Day. Age UK Cheshire East led assemblies around dementia awareness.

Our Year 5 children took part in a tea party where we invited children from the other primary schools in Knutsford and local older residents to enjoy some singing and cake! Year 5 also visited a local care home (Lostock Lodge) where they chatted and played games with the residents. This has led to an on-going relationship between the care home and the school which is a fantastic legacy of this project.

Place2Be: This charity is a children's mental health charity that provides support and training to improve the emotional wellbeing of pupils, families, teachers and school staff. During this project we marked Children's Mental Health Week with activities to develop children's understanding of this topic. We also explored the themes of healthy & respectful relationships and how this supports wellbeing. We had a special day to celebrate this project where the children took part in lots of different activities such as: cooking, sewing, street dance, origami, den building, mud kitchens. This day encouraged the children to be brave and try new activites to enhance their wellbeing.

Cool Earth: This work on this charity was postponed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic and will be completed in summer 2021.

This charity helps prevent tropical deforestation and degradation to try to reduce climate change. They work to put local people back in control of their rainforests.

Our work in the curriculum will focus on the impact of deforestation on communities and animals. We will learn about how humans depend on the rainforests for food, clothing, medicine, water, jobs and identifty. This will also link into science lessons about animal needs for survival and how animals are suited to different environments.

Ethical Enterprise Charities for 2018-19

Help for Heroes: This charity gives support to serving members of the Armed Forces, ex-Servicemen, women and their families. In the autumn term, the children learnt more about the role of the Armed Forces around the world, how they work to prevent conflicts, provide assistance in the event of a large scale emergency and support the police with specialist skills. We also linked this topic with the World War 1 Centenary, reflecting on the causes of the war and the impact on people on the Western Front and the home front. The children enjoyed learning about the charity, meeting Hero Bear and volunteers from the Help for Heroes. Please see the link below to see some examples of the children's work.

Marine Conservation Society: In the spring term, we focused on the growing problem of plastics in the oceans across the world. The Marine Conservation Society works to protect our seas and coasts. The children learnt about the impact of plastic pollution on marine life and how long it takes plastics to biodegrade, meaning the problem only gets worse over time. The children became very passionate about the issue, volunteering to lead assemblies to share what they'd learnt and displaying posters around the school to educate others.

Knutsford Heartstart: In the summer term we linked up with local volunteers to learn more about this important charity. They aim to teach as many people as they can (free of charge) Emergency Life Saving skills. They also run the Knutsford First Responders, a group of volunteers whose aim is to preserve life and promote recovery in an emergency situation, when an ambulance isn't immediately available.

During this topic, the First Responders taught the children some first aid skills and focused on how they can keep themselves healthy and safe at all times.

As part of this project we teamed up with Knutsford Hockey Club to raise enough funds to organise a cardiac screening day in memory of Mat Hodge, one of our parents and a valued member of Knutsford Hockey Club. The Bexton community have been incredible with their support. We ran a sponsored walk/ run where the children did as many laps of the trim trail in thirty minutes and this raised over £5000 for KCFRT. Cake sales have raised over £2000 and the Year 6 Enterprise week raised £2000. With all our work we raised over £10,000 for the cardiac screeing event and the KCFRT. This will take place in 2020.

Ethical Enterprise Charities for 2017-18

Fire Fighters Charity: This charity actively supports fire fighters in need. We wanted the children to learn about the important role of fire fighters and other emergency services and learn how to stay safe around their own homes. All of KS2 are visiting the Safety Zone in Warrington in the summer term to extend their learning in a hands-on experience.

The Children's Adventure Farm Trust: We have worked closely with CAFT before and enjoyed learning about the work they do. We wanted the children to learn and understand about different disabilities and how at the farm, disability is never seen as a barrier to participation. As part of the project the children studied the book ‘We are all Wonders’ which is about a boy with facial disfigurements. Through this book we were able to explore what it means to be ‘unique’ and celebrate equality and diversity.

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust: Sadly bees are declining in number and two species have become extinct since 1940 and several others have declined dramatically. This is a conservation issue we want to educate our children about so they can value bumblebees and how they make a vital contribution to our lives. We are entering a garden into the RHS show at Tatton Park this summer with bee-friendly plants grown by the children. As part of this project children will understand how modern farming methods have affected the bee population and what impact this might have on food production in the future.

How can parents support this project?

Parents and grandparents have been fantastic in supporting Ethical Enterprise. They have baked cakes, sponsored the children, bought the products the children have made at summer and Christmas Fairs, given donations at concerts, made contributions when we have dress down days. We appreciate all the support and we couldn't support the project without contributions.

We have had many children who've taken part in enterprising activities at home and we are delighted this project inspires our children to go and make a difference. Some children have made cakes and sold them to their friends and family, one child did jobs around the house for money and even encouraged the children in his class to do the same, another child made bracelets and sold them to his family.

What charities has Bexton supported before 2018?

Since the project started four years ago we have supported:

Retrack: Year 5 and 6 led with our first charity in the autumn term. Retrack is a charity that works to transform highly vulnerable children in South America and Africa. The children at Bexton learnt about life skills (what we need and what we want), being healthy, emotionally well, safe and educated. The children worked closely with staff from Barclays Bank to raise money through a sponsored walk. This was inspired by the children learning about how some children in Africa and South America walk for hours just to get to school. This showed the children how much education is valued all over the world. The money we raised helped to furnish a computer suite in a school in Africa.

Guide Dogs: Year 3 and 4 led the learning about Guide Dogs in the spring term. We have worked with this charity before and developed close links with the families who train the guide dogs and love to see how these dogs grow and how they support people with visual impairments. Volunteers from the charity visited the school to work with the children, leading some activities which helped the children to understand the challenges people with visual impairments face. Through sponsoring these challenges, the children raised enough money to sponsor our own guide dog called ...Bexton!

RNLI: Year 1 and 2 have learnt about the RNLI during the summer term. They learnt about the role of the volunteers, why they support the charity and how to stay safe near the water. They shared this learning with their parents and grandparents in an assembly. The children also helped to decorate and fill wellington boots to sell at the Summer Fair. Year 1 made key rings and decorations to sell to their parents.

Royal British Legion: We focused on the First World War for a whole week, with the children accessing workshops on life in the trenches, working with an established local author, inviting two serving soldiers (one a Bexton parent) to visit the school and speak to the children about a life of service in 1914 and today. We also made links with the local branches of the Royal British Legion, where children gained a real insight into this important period of history and its on-going legacy. A cheque for £915 was presented to the British Legion on November 11th 2014 as part of our Remembrance Assembly.

On behalf of the Royal British Legion and the Davenham Poppy Appeal I would like to thank the entire school, both the children and staff for their stupendous effort, hard work and support for the Poppy Appeal with your donation of £915.00.” Glyn Roberts (Chairman and Poppy Appeal Organiser for Davenham Branch Royal British Legion.

Children’s Adventure Farm Trust (CAFT): CAFT is a local charity that provides short holidays and respite for underprivileged, disabled and seriously ill children. The children gained a real understanding of the challenges of living with disabilities and terminal illnesses and our House Captains visited the Farm, reporting back in assembly their insight into what CAFT provides for these children.

During the project the children in KS1 and 2 designed ‘Penny Arcade games’, advertised their stalls and calculated profits and losses in order to raise funds for ‘CAFT’. This was an inspirational day where the children enhanced their Design and Technology skills, whilst developing their team work and enterprising abilities. Our assemblies throughout this half term also reflected the themes of working together, celebrating differences and caring for others. Staff from the charity also worked closely with children in Year 4 and delivered assemblies. A cheque was presented to Helen, a representative from CAFT in January for £1012.58.

Little Big Africa: This small charity works in partnership with local communities in Eastern Uganda to protect, harness and promote natural resources with a big focus on water, sanitation, hygiene and efficient energy. Through the curriculum we made many links to science and health education. We also invited an African musician to come into school and deliver authentic African music sessions to two year groups and who then performed to the whole school. The children also used their design and technology skills to make African jewellery to sell to their parents.

This charity was an important part of our aim to ensure our children explore global issues and develop life skills for the future. At the end of this project we had raised £1003.79 through our house points to build a water tank for New Generation Primary School in Uganda.

Lower Moss Wood: Lower Moss Wood has been an educational nature reserve and wildlife hospital for over twenty years. The warden, Ray Jackson MBE, with help from his band of volunteers, has been providing a place for schools, disabled visitors, environmental groups and many others to come and enjoy the countryside, learn about conservation and the environment ... and have a good day out! All children at Bexton have visited Lower Moss Wood during their time at Bexton and we felt this charity had lots of scope to enhance our curriculum.

During the summer term Ray (and his owls) visited the school to deliver assemblies and to talk to individual classes about the nature reserve and the many volunteers to help to look after the animals. At the end of the term we had raised £1482.22 through our house points and Ray was using this money to update some equipment in the new animal hospital at the nature reserve.

Nepal: During the autumn term Year 5 and 6 learnt about life in Nepal before and after the earthquake. This project linked perfectly to the geography curriculum about mountains. Some fire cadets from Knutsford Fire Station were going out to Nepal to help rebuild a classroom so we were able to support them by providing funds to furnish a classroom. Children from Year 5 and 6 presented assemblies about Nepal and the disaster to the whole school and their parents.

Guide Dogs: During the spring term children in Year 3 and 4 learnt about the vital role guide dogs perform. We had a fantastic where four guide dogs visited us and Ellie, who was visually impaired came to talk to the children about how her guide dog made a difference to her life. In class the children interviewed the guide dog trainers and wrote newspaper reports and letters in their English lessons. We are looking forward to working with this charity again.

Hampers for Hope: During the summer term children in Year 2 learnt about Hampers of Hope, a food bank which supports families in Knutsford. Thanks to generous donations from our families we were able to give the food bank a lot of food and a generous donation to support their work.








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