Our Eco-Team at Bexton are a group of pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 who are working to make Bexton an eco-friendly school.

As a school we recycle all paper and cardboard from the classrooms. We have banned single-use plastic bottles being used and we aim to recycle as much plastic as possible. We have compost bins across the school and we use these to recycle some of our food waste.

As a team the children have set themselves some targets for this year:

1. To reduce the amount of litter around the school. Every Friday lunchtime the team are going out and collecting any litter they find.

2. To reduce the amount of waste in the school. We are raising awareness of food waste and trying to further reduce the amount of plastic we use for things like morning milk. We have also run a clothes recycling scheme with the support of FOBs.

3. To encourage children to come to school in an eco-friendly way, e.g. walk, cycle, scooters. We will hold a 'walk to school' week in the summer term. There will be a prize for the class who has the most children coming to school in an eco-friendly way.

To help the team you can:

1. Bring in old shoes, batteries, old pencils and stamps as we will recycle these for you.

2. Walk, cycle or scoot to school as often as possible.

3. Never use a single-use plastic bottle in school. Use one you can use again and again!

4. Design a poster to show how we are an eco-friendly school. We will put them up around school to remind everyone to be eco-friendly!

The impact of our work is that the whole school community is supporting the efforts, e.g. the Summer Fair had an eco theme and the cupolas were made out of recycled containers, we have a governor who supports our eco-warrior team and four members of staff. The site manager has found through our efforts, that the school now needs an additional recycling bin and one less normal waste bin. A brilliant result!

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