At Bexton the curriculum is all of the planned activities that we organise in order to promote learning, personal growth and development.  It includes not only the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum but also the wide range of extra-curricular activities that the school organises in order to enrich the experiences of the children.  It also includes the ‘hidden curriculum’, or what the children learn from the way they are treated and expected to behave. At Bexton we support children to grow into positive, responsible people, who can work and co-operate with others

We have 10 curriculum aims which help us to plan and evaluate the impact of our curriculum:

Our curriculum should:

1. Encourage a love of learning and be delivered by teachers who are passionate about the topics they teach

2. Meet the needs of pupils in the school

3. Give all pupils the opportunity to learn through a broad and balanced curriculum

4. Be mapped out clearly so that the key knowledge is explicit

5. Be progressive

6. Be challenging

7. Allow for deeper learning

8. Allow for natural links between subjects through cross curricular teaching

9. Be flexible

10. Explore diverse experiences and viewpoints

At Bexton we follow the national curriculum and all schemes of work have been updated to reflect the content and challenge of the 2014 curriculum. We have  enhanced the statutory curriculum in 2014 with an initiative called Ethical Enterprise, so that the Bexton curriculum is personalised to meet the needs of all of our children. A key aspect of this curriculum is that each academic year three charities are chosen, which reflect global, national and local issues we feel our children need to learn about. The teachers then use the work of the charities within their planned curriculum.

Our house point system was also adapted to reflect this ethos and every house point a child earns also has a small monetary value. Enterprising activities are planned to raise money to fund the house points. This enables the schools to make contributions to the charities we are supporting and ensure our mission statement of ‘Together we make a difference’ be one the children and staff live on a daily basis.

Children with Special Educational Needs and/or Disability

All learning opportunities are delivered in an inclusive manner and differentiated to meet the needs of all pupils. Class teachers are aware of pupils' strengths and areas for improvements and will make every effort to accommodate these. Teachers and support staff can seek support from specialist staff such as the SENCO, assessment leads, assisstants heads and pastoral leads. 

Interventions are delivered for pupils who need them, some are commerically available interventions and others are bespoke and personalised to support pupils with individual areas of need. 

Please see the local offer for more information. 

How our curriculum supports the Equality Act 2010

It is important that our curriculum provision supports the Equality Act 2010. No member of our community will be discriminated against, harrased or receive less favourable treatment on the ground of the protective characteristics described in the Equality Act 2010. The Equality Act is supported through our Ethical Enterprise, the No Outsiders project (which raises pupil awareness of recognising and respecting differences), the PSHRE scheme of work and our focus on diverse role models in assemblies (currently virtual). 

Please see the Single Equality Policy, the Equality Information and Objectives Statement and the Equality and Excellence Audit

If you would like any more information about our curriculum, please contact Mrs J Sach (Deputy Head) via the school office.


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