Autumn 2020 Local Governing Body meeting agendas

Our Full Governing Board meetings

Full Governing Board minutes of part 1 of the meetings (the non-confidential bits) are public documents and will be made available to anyone that requests. Full Governing Board minutes can be up to 15 pages long, so if you after a quick update on the kinds of things our governing body is working on currently, then please read on for a summary of what went on at the most recent governing body meeting:

What was on the agenda at the Autumn Term Extraordinary meeting 30 September 2020

We had our first LGB meeting on 30 September, where we elected our new chair Matt Stephenson for a one year term of offcie until 1 October 2021, and we re-appointed our vice chair Kathryn Woolf for a further year. Thanks to our outgoing chair John Squires. 

As this was an extraordinary meeting, we did not cover any standard agenda items- we focused on important items that needed governor consdieration or approval before our 9 December 2020 meeting. 

Items on the agenda included our School Development Plan (one year) and our three year plan, as well as contingency planning in the event of a localised CV19 lockdown. The plans for the Covid catch up fund were presented.  The senior leadership has developed a remote learning package, based on feedback from teachers and parents. Governors also reviewed the research undertaken by the senior leadership team on Bexton staff wellbing as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.