2018-9 Full Governing Body meeting summaries

Our Full Governing Board meetings

Full Governing Board minutes of part 1 of the meetings (the non-confidential bits) are public documents and will be made available to anyone that requests. Full Governing Board minutes can be up to 15 pages long, so if you after a quick update on the kinds of things our governing body is working on currently, then please read on for a summary of what went on at the most recent governing body meeting:

Precis of the Autumn Term 2018 Full Governing Board meeting:

Governors reviewed the minutes of the 2019 Summer Term Full Governing Board meeting, noting any outstanding actions and matters arising. 

All governors completed their annual declarations of interest, and completed the annual review, and signed, the governor code of practice.

Governors reviewed membership and agreed to leave the one co-opted governor vacancy open for the time being. A staff election will be held in January because Sandra Bland (staff governor)’s term of office is due to expire.

A new working group was set up: ‘The Three Year Plan’ working group will feed into the Full Governing Board in relation to the school strategic three year plan, and will ensure the views of stakeholders, pupils, parents, staff and the community are included in this plan.  

Governors reviewed and confirmed the chairs and membership of each committee, and also of the Academy working group. Membership of the Headteacher Performance Panel was reviewed and confirmed. 

The Headteacher presented her termly ‘Headteacher’s Report to governors’ a comprehensive report to the governors which includes information on school numbers, attendance, outcomes for pupils, pupil behaviour, wellbeing and safety, quality of teaching, leadership and management. 

Arrangements for completion of the ‘Schools Financial Value Standard’ before the deadline of the 31 March 2019 were made. 

Governors considered the Report from Cheshire East for school governors ‘The Director of Children’s Services Report for School Governors,’ and noted any matters arising or actions in relation to the 14 items on the report. 

The training governors fed back to all present on training opportunities, as well as training that had been undertaken recently by the governing board. 

Governors reviewed and approved/ amended the complaints policy, the safeguarding policy and the pay policy. 

Governors heard a presentation on the current research at Bexton being done on the gender gap in reading

Governors approved holiday dates for 2019-20

Reporting  to Full Governing Board on the work taking place at committee level:

  • The chair of each committee (Curriculum and Resources) reported to governors on what had been discussed at those committee meetings. 
  1. The Resources Committee on 26 September 2018 had reviewed Summer building projects, budget reports, benchmarking reports, report on School Fund, Pupil Premium Strategy, Health and Safety Report, Teacher salaries review and review of Critical Incident Plan. 
  2. The Curriculum Committee on 17 October 2018 had appointed a new chair Lucy Goldsmith, and had reviewed the Data report, three year trends in data, the school development plan priorities, link governors, Teaching and learning and school self evaluation, Ethical Enterprise focus for 2018-9, pupil premium strategy, Homework Policy, Maths policy, swimming policy. Data results are outstanding and Bexton is the second highest school in Cheshire east in relation to reading, writing and maths combined scores. 
  • The Pay Committee met on 23 October to make decisions on pay recommendations. 
  • The Academy working group fed back on the work they have been doing with Cheshire Academies Trust (CAT). 

Reporting  to Full Governing Board on the work taking place at link governor level:

  • Link governor roles were reviewed and confirmed for 2018-9, to match up with the core areas, as well as the areas of focus for 2018-9 on the School Development Plan. 
  • Peter Kingdom (safeguarding link governor) met with Emily on 24 October. 
  • Sue Sharratt (link governor for SEND) met with Anna Aitken (SENCo)


Full Governing Board meeting Spring 2019 (20 March)

Governors have had good ideas for increasing communication with parents of children receiving pupil premium. In depth discussions took place around the challenge of increasing understanding of cultural diversity in this area. Governors discussed increasing use of social media to promote the community work that Bexton is currently doing with Manor Park Primary, and the work that teachers do ‘behind the scenes.’ Governors identified actions to improve the e-safety policy, and identified plans to update the vision. A new working group was set up to review the school strategic 3 year plan.


Membership: Sandra Bland was re-elected at staff governor election until 2023 and Lynne Lea confirmed as EYFS link governor. The draft budget was approved. The scheme of financial delegation was approved. 

Framework: The terms of reference for committees and panels was approved, as was the delegation planner which shows to what level the governing body can delegate its functions (committee, individual governor or Headteacher.)

Academy plans: Governors voted to convert to an Academy as part of Cheshire Academies Trust. 

Awards: The governing body has been shortlisted for the NGA outstanding governance awards, and governors made preparations for the visit from 2 April NGA. 

Policies: The SEND and governor visits policies were reviewed and approved. 

Report from Resources committee as follows: They reviewed the budget report for the current year. Governors discussed clarity on nursery income and expenditure, as well as numbers on budget forecast vs. variance. The School Fund budget was reviewed and approved. Governors approved the answers to the Schools Financial Value Standard. The policy ‘Allegations of abuse against staff’ was reviewed and approved. The National funding formula was discussed.  There was an update on Academy plans, and further questions were identified to be taken forward in relation to the due diligence process. Governors requests around presentation of the figures has resulted in considerable improvements, which have enabled effective discussions of potential scenarios. 

Report from Curriculum Committee: Anna Aitken SENCO attended the Curriculum Committee meeting to feed back on recent progress. Jill Sach has presented ‘Whole class feedback’ to the Lancashire Local Authority and continues to develop the partnership work with Manor Park Primary on whole class feedback.The committee received School Development Plan updates: independent learning: whole class feedback and maths, assessment and feedback and SEND. was shared and discussed. Governors had discussions around working with parents on encouraging independence in children. 

Other discussions took place around: Training for TAs, Bexton local offer, Applications for term time absence from parents, ASP update The School Self Evaluation (SEF) update: outcomes for learners.

Policies reviewed and approved: eSafety policy, Carers policy, Collective worship policy